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Talking Cures

Robert Draper 
Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

The ‘talking cure’ originally referred to psychoanalysis, the form of therapy made famous by Sigmund Freud.  Today the phrase describes a very wide range of psychotherapeutic approaches that begin with clients talking about themselves, their experiences, relationships, thoughts and feelings with a qualified therapist. 

I practice psychodynamic psychotherapy, which is based on the idea that talking to a professional about problems you face can help you find relief and reach solutions. Working with you psychodynamically I am able to help you better understand the thoughts, feelings, and conflicts that contribute to your behaviours.

This approach to therapy also works to help you better understand some of the unconscious motivations that often influence how people think, feel, and act.  This can be helpful for dealing with mental or emotional distress. It can also help promote self-reflection, insight, and emotional growth. 

By better understanding your emotional patterns and their roots, you are better equipped to manage your problems and develop coping techniques that will help you both now and in the future.

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